Service Projects

Civic Service and Conservation Projects

For over 100 years, Scouting programs have instilled in youth the values found in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Today, these values are just as relevant in helping youth grow to their full potential as they were in 1910. Scouting helps youth develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives.

While various activities and youth groups teach basic skills and promote teamwork, Scouting goes beyond that, and encourages youth to achieve a deeper appreciation for service to others in their community.

Service Project Opportunities 

Below is a list of service opportunities throughout the Sam Houston Area Council for units, Scouts working on their Eagle Scout projects and Scouts working on the Hornaday Award.

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Civic Service and Conservation Projects

Community and Conservation Service Projects

While many of these projects will satisfy Eagle Scout and/or Hornaday Award project requirements, they may also be used for unit service work. Submit projects

Armand Bayou Nature Center 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact:  Mark Kramer, 281-474-2551, ex 15

  • Invasive species control: Chinese Tallow Tree removal

Galveston Bay Foundation

Contact: Emely Ford

Harris County Flood Control District 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact:  Erin Going, 713-684-4224 or Karen Fox, 713-316-4805

  • Trash clean-up
  • Tree planting
  • Graffiti clean-up

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact: Trevor Rubenstahl (, 713-366-0428

  • Forest & Range Management/Eagle project: habitat restoration: restore prairie, savanna and woodland habitats by replacing invasive species with native plant communities.
  • Unit/Individual service hours (e.g., Arbor Day).

Houston Aubudon Champions Property 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact:  Andrew Beck, 713-932-1639

  • Invasive species removal: Chinese Tallow and Chinese Privet.
  • Fish and wildlife management: installation of bird boxes and signage to indicate type of birds likely to utilize each.
  • Soil and water conservation.  This property was donated to Audubon Society as a wetland mitigation project. Restore swamp conditions to northern portion of tract after removal of invasives.
  • Eagle project: work with sanctuary steward to map out a trail system.  Clear the route and improve the surface. Could be expanded to a Hornaday by adding interpretive signage.
  • Eagle project: create and install signs at the entrance to the preserve, once a parking area has been established. Install signage at Cutten Road to indicate the turn-off. Add any trail signs that may be required.
  • Eagle project: construct and install park benches.

Houston Zoo 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact: Sharon Reyes, Scout & Evening Coordinator, 713-533-6543
Conservation group meets monthly during school year to plan and work on projects.

Jesse Jones Park & Nature Center 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact: 281.446.8588 or

Katy Prairie Conservancy 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact:  Jaime Gonzalez

  • Project list under development

Montgomery County Lake Creek Preserve 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact:  Glenn Buckley, 936.273.0098

  • Trail development
  • Interpretive nature trail guide and signage
  • Invasive species removal on benches along trail
  • Trail and bridge maintenance

Montgomery Trace Natural Areas

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact:  Glenn Buckley, 936.273.0098

  • Wetlands restoration (Tallow Tree removal)
  • Reforestation
  • Trail development.


Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact: 281.469.7856, ext 108

  • Develop permanent display to be used in educational programs. Project would include working with Ms. Dean to develop theme and content of , constructing the display and organizing a crew to staff the display in at least one educational event. The display must be constructed so as it can be used as a permanent educational tool.

Sam Houston Natural Forest 

394 FM 1375 W., New Waverly
Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact: Nancy Garcia

  • Hiking Trails:  Possible soil and water conservation - trail and bridge maintenance projects.
  • Eagle Scout / troop projects - campground maintenance:

A. Waste receptacles (55 gallon drums purchased, painted and placed; or restore receptacles, bins, drums already on hand.)
B. Fire pits (clean/restore grates, paint them; replace concrete pads that the grates sit upon)
C. Paint metal gates
D. Clean signs
E. Repair and maintain bulletin boards
F. Restore bathrooms, remove graffiti, replace (i.e., damaged toilet paper rolls, benches) as needs arise
G. Remove fallen and bucked (sections of felled hazard trees that have already been cut into manageable sizes)
H. Pick up trash along lake and roads along the lake
I. Fee tube sanding and painting

  • Eagle Scout / troop projects - road maintenance (fix pot holes, replace/clean road signs and sign posts, as needed):

A. Cagle (FRD 205),
B. Scotts Ridge (FDR 212), and
C. Stubblefield (FDR 240)

  • Eagle Scout / troop projects: hunter camp maintenance:

A. Bulletin board repair (clean and paint, replace/maintain roof)

Volunteers may list their names, ages, and phone numbers along with projects they might like to help with.  

Sheldon Lake Outdoor Learning Center 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact: Tom Olson, 281-456-2800

  • Invasive species control: Chinese Tallow and Chinese Privet removal (year round)
  • Forest and range management: tree planting (winter)
  • Fish and wildlife management: bird and bat houses
  • Other innovative projects agreed upon with management

Spring Creek Greenway & Nature Center

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact: Matthew Buckingham, or Stephanie Prosser

  • Forest and range management: install native trees and plants by nature building, parking lot and pond. Give presentations on the value of native plants, and why those were selected.
  • Forest and range management or fish and wildlife management: interpretive trail development.
  • Eagle Scout project: maintenance on existing nature building/outdoor classroom.
  • Eagle Scout project: benches along trails in preserves
  • Invasive species control: invasive species removal (e.g., Tallow, Sedge, Japanese Climbing Fern, Cattails)

Peckinpaugh Preserve

  • Forest and range management: install native trees and plants at preserve entrance, parking area and canoe launch, along with informative signage.
  • Forest and range management or fish and wildlife management: create a new loop trail, promote and give guided nature tours of the trail. Depending on the length and difficulty of the trail this may constitute two projects: trail development (Eagle) and development of interpretive signage, guide and tours (Hornaday).
  • Eagle Scout project: benches along trail in preserve.
  • Invasive species control: invasive species removal (e.g., Tallow, Sedge, Japanese Climbing Fern)
  • Serve as guide at grand opening of preserve.
  • TBD: Promote and host a nature day at the preserve.
  • Soil and water conservation: repair and stabilize ATV ruts and other damage.

Mussle Lake Preserve (FM 2854)

  • Develop interpretive nature trail around all or part of lake.
  • Develop teaching dock for lake.
  • Remove invasive species.
  • Other projects defined by Scoutmaster.

Storm Water Inlet Marking (SWIM) 

Hornaday and Eagle Scout
Contact:  713-685-7355 or visit

  • Air and water pollution control: StormWater Inlet marking and community education. Obtain proposal form and release waiver.

Storm water runoff from urban areas can carry pollutants and trash into the storm water drainage system. Water that flows down the drains in our homes first goes to sewage treatment facilities before it's released to bayous and rivers. But, water that flows into our storm water drainage system, along with other substances it collects, goes directly into our bayous, rivers, and ultimately into Galveston Bay. Unlike sewage, storm water receives no treatment.+

Storm water inlet markers bearing the JTF's Clean Water Clear Choice logo and a message stating "No Dumping, Flows to Galveston Bay". Markers are available for citizens' neighborhood storm drains. The message will remind citizens to not to dump pollutants into storm sewers or contribute to ordinary storm water runoff by littering, over-fertilizing, or sweeping yard debris into the street.

The program is open to any individual, group or community that would like to participate in helping us reach our goal: marking every storm drain in Harris County in order to prevent pollution from entering our local waterways. Developers can also propose installing SWIM markers as part of their Storm Water Quality Management Plan.

Much of the pollution in area creeks and bayous comes from common, every-day materials, like household chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, gasoline, used motor oil and antifreeze and litter. These substances run off into storm drain inlets by rainwater from our streets, yards, driveways and parking lots.

Texas General Land Office 

Hornaday and unit projects
Contact:  Adopt A Beach Program, 1.877.892.6278

  • Units can participate in beach clean up
  • Recycling / erosion control: organize a Christmas tree recycling project in your neighborhood and in cooperation with the General Land Office (GLO); use them to stabilize a section of beach dunes (must be planned with the GLO and local community).

Trash Bash 

Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact: Glenn Buckley, 936.273.0098

  • Units can participate in Trash Bash clean up and demonstrations for educational program.
  • Fish and wildlife management: develop reusable display board demonstrating the impact of trash on wildlife, organize staffing for one Trash Bash event and make presentation(s) to community groups and/or Scout units.
  • Check specific locations and contacts at

W. Goodrich Jones State Forest 

1328 FM 1488
Hornaday, Eagle Scout and unit projects
Contact:  John R. Warner, 926.273.2261

  • Invasive species control: Chinese Tallow removal.
  • Soil and water conservation: various erosion control projects
  • Fish and wildlife management: development of interpretive signage/kiosks around Red Cockaded Woodpecker habitat.
  • Other projects as agreed upon by District Forester and Hornaday Advisor (if for the Hornaday award)

Council Camp Service Projects

Council Camp Service Projects

Many service projects are available at our council camps that will satisfy Hornaday project requirements.  They may also be used for unit service work.  Projects completed at council camps cannot be used for Eagle Scout Projects.

Bovay Scout Ranch 

Contact:  Vincent Manning

  • Projects are being developed, but cover a wide range of projects, including those related to forest and range management, soil & water conservation, invasive species control and possibly fish & wildlife management.

Camp Brosig 

Contact:  Vincent Manning

Camp Strake 

Projects will be available after camp opens.

Reporting Service Hours

To help report an accurate report on the great service and dedication our Scouts are providing to the community, units are to report their service projects through Internet Advancement. Eagle Scout project hours also need to be entered through the Journey to Excellence website.


  • Service Project Guidelines contain age guidelines for tool use and work at elevations or excavations.
  • Service Project Planning Guidelines can be utilized for all Scouting service projects including Eagle Scout service projects. The guidelines must not be construed to be additional requirements for an Eagle Scout service project, but they do represent elements that should appear on the Eagle Scout candidate’s final project plan from the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927. 
  • The Houston Community ToolBank is a nonprofit tool lending program serving other nonprofits by putting high-quality tools in the hands of the volunteers. For three pennies on the dollar, the Houston Community ToolBank provides fast and easy access to large volumes of high-quality tools for Eagle Scout projects to increase the impact of service projects and community revitalization efforts. Video Tour


Dennis Olheiser
Council Civic Service Chair
(281) 831-0787

Brendan Cronin
Program Director / Civic Service Staff Advisor
 (713) 756-3308

Glenn Buckley
Council Conservation Committee Chair
(936) 273-0098

Brandon Lewis
Conservation Committee Professional Staff Advisor
 (713) 756-3319